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Rs 7150

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Rs 6450

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March 31st

Included in the plan

- Review of 70 Blood tests serviced through home collection of your blood samples
- Your Health Risk Probability Scale - Know your 4 key Potential Health Risks
- Your Health Prognosis Reports by Expert Doctors - Modern Medicines & Ayurveda
- Review of your current Diet & get your Personalized Diet & Nutrition plan
- Digital Repository - Upload, Store & Manage Personal Health & Medical Records
- 3 free additional Online Consultation (Valid for first 18 months)
- Personalized follow up & reminders from your Health Secretary
- Lifetime validity for your Urjjaa account

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"Great concept to bring all types of medical practices under one umbrella. Some thing never heard of... Even better is the concept of health secretary..."
- Sujeet N V
"I was on high protein diet, until I found excess protein levels in my body through the tests of Urjjaa. I have changed my diet with more leafy vegetables as per Urjjaa's advice."
- Gopakumar
"Prognosis analysis was a good learning for me. So far, I was only doing simple diagnosis. Now I am confident to take care of my future health too"
- Mahindralal
"Risk scale feature was a real eye opener. I strongly recommend this approach for preventive health care."
-Shine P
"For the first time, I realized the importance of many parameters other than the normally checked blood sugar levels, Cholestrol levels and Thyroid functions which regulates the health of a person. Urjjaa has elevated the health consciousness in me." - Abhijith Menon
"An absolute must have service for the current IT generation and their family. My son got me an account in Urjjaa as a gift."
- Chandrika G